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Chainsaw Carvers

Shawn Ahearn


Family Owned & Operated!

Our family is very close-knit & large.

We have 11 children 6 who still live at home. Our adult children also still work with us a lot. We all are artistically inclined so we decided to make it a business.

So that it can be passed down through the family.

Peaces of Me

Peaces of Me

Unique Yoga and Art Studio with a fully equipped art workshop with an open studio, in Ridgway PA.

Peace, I am Cheryl Oknefski and my business name is Peaces Of Me. I bring the peace I have in my life from my Yoga, Reiki, Organic Farming, and living in the Allegheny National Forest into my Art.
I decided on the name of my business because of my ability to dive into many different mediums all being pieces of me and also because of my lifelong process of trying to live as peacefully as possible, also pieces of me. Therefore becoming Peaces Of Me. My favorite mediums right now are Jewelry made from silver and cabochons and also fold forming metals; Knitting, mainly with specialty yarns; Chainsaw carving, needle felting, and stained glass. I also sew; paint on canvas; Tie Dye; make dream catchers and many other crafty endeavors. I am also an Organic farmer, Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and Lover of life! I am happy to spend my days in Elk County and enjoy the beauty that we here in PA are blessed with. Spending much of my time in nature or creating.

Snuffy De Stefano

I would have never dreamed, I would become a chainsaw carver but it has changed my life. I now travel around the state, the country, and around the world making art for a living. my carvings have gone from a simple pine mushroom to a functional burl wood sink. All of my burls are salvaged and none are harvested in an unethical manner. I try to make things with a function, like a bowl, a table, a lamp, and even a functional sink. Functional art can attract two kinds of buyers and that means more potential sales. My art is highly finished and can be passed on for generations. I think of myself as a “Tree Mortician”, I don’t kill the trees, I just make them look better when they are dead.

Guitar Stools