Estival Festival Family Friendly Music Festival June 19, 20, 21 2020

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Donna the Buffalo

Donna the Buffalo

Donna the Buffalo offers everything you want in a roots band — songs that matter, a groove that makes you dance, an audience that spans generations, and a musical voice that evokes a sense of community.

Donna The Buffalo is not just a band, rather one might say that Donna The Buffalo has become a lifestyle for its members and audiences. The band has played thousands of shows and countless festivals including Bonnaroo, Newport Folk Festival, Telluride, Austin City Limits Festival, Merle Fest, and Philadelphia Folk Festival.  At several festivals Donna The Buffalo has become the house band for closing the events by backing up artists including The Avett Brothers, Keller Williams, Zac Brown, Bela Fleck, John Paul Jones, and Chris Thile. They’ve opened for The Dead and have toured with Peter Rowan, Del McCoury, Los Lobos, Little Feat, Jim Lauderdale, Rusted Root, and Railroad Earth to name a few. They also toured with Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen to help raise awareness about increased corporate spending in politics

Donna the Buffalo Website

The Town Pants
The Town Pants photo

The Town Pants started 20 years ago playing small pubs which lead to performing at music venues in over 500 cities in 15 countries and eventually to headlining Celtic, Roots and World Music festivals internationally. Three thousand shows later their own brand of Celtic roots-rock spans seven albums so far and is backed up with a legendary live show that has garnered them fans from Hawaii to Norway. The Vancouver BC based band combines aspects of Irish traditional, folk, rock and roots Americana, fusing aspects of Irish traditional, folk, rock and roots Americana, fusing their signature dual lead vocals from brothers Duane and Dave Keogh to create a unique form of high energy “West Coast Celtic” that remains in the heart and head long after the music stops. There are many Celtic folk-rock bands out there, but rarely does a band have this combination of passion, energy, and spirit in performance coupled with some of the most imaginative songwriting you’ll find in the genre.

Visit The Town Pants website for more information

The Probables
The Probables

The Probables are a rhythm-driven, folkcana/roots rock band from Jamestown, New York.  The band formed in March of 2016 and hit the ground running by releasing their EP in July of the same year. The Probables follow-up release, “Cumberland Line,” brought to fruition in June of 2018, expanded their music scope.  With influences of Americana, Folk, Contemporary, Bluegrass and Rock, The Probables result was a fusion of a unique blend.  ​ 

The Probables consist of 5 members: Steve Johnson – Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitar, Matt Gronquist – Accordion/Fiddle/Vocals, Adam McKillip – Mandolin/Vocals, Ryan Ecklund -Bass, and Nick Campbell – Drums to complete the sound!  ​ 

The group’s distinctive name was decided upon during a booking exchange with the organizer of the annual Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Sherman, NY. The band had not yet chosen a name when they expressed interest in making a debut at the annual festival.  The organizer of the festival responded, “I’ll  probably book you, so I guess we should just call you ‘The Probables’.”  The rest is history…      

So much great music comes from the great state of New York that it can be a  bit overwhelming sometimes to wade through all the new releases. The Probables broke though the stack for me and made an impression with their new EP, “The Home.”  They call it Folkgrass and I tend to agree. Songwriter and singer Steve  Johnson gives us some great folk lyrics but I think it’s Matt Gronquist on Accordion, Fiddle, and Mandolin who crosses it over into that wonder blend of Bluegrass and Folk that makes this band an instant fave. The songs “I’m Home” and “Homeward Bound” were instant standouts for me and should be added to any Bluegrass or Folk radio rotation. 

Visit The Probables website for more information

Sim Redmond and Jen Middaugh

Sim Redmond and Jen Middaugh

Sim Redmond and Jen Middaugh have been singing together in the Sim Redmond Band since 2006. The male/female vocals combine to create beautiful, rich harmonies that soar above the band’s reverberating grooves. When highlighted as an acoustic duo, the vocal connection becomes even more apparent and the heartfelt songwriting becomes the focus.

  The music of the Sim Redmond Band has reached the hearts of people all around the world. They have toured extensively in the U.S and Japan, bringing together sounds and people from all walks of life. Their uplifting, optimistic music is infectious. It will brighten your day, open your heart, and strengthen your resolve to make a positive impact on this crazy world we all share.

Richie Stearns and Aaron Lipp

Richie Stearns & Aaron Lipp

Richie Stearns is an international banjo legend, making his mark with The Horseflies worldwide since the 1970s. His unique style of percussive, hypnotic clawhammer banjo playing has influenced many in the world and taken the instrument to a new level. Aaron Lipp, the next generation of Old-Time and American roots music, plays an old Martin guitar and old-time fiddle with Richie. His sweet vocal harmonies, sensitive guitar soundscapes and own original compositions meld the two into a fantastic duo. They will bring you from the Texas desert through the Appalachian mountains and back home again through music.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

In addition to a prolific career as a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Grammy-nominated artist Mike Brown is an incredibly dynamic and versatile collaborator. His debut record, American Hotel, was self-recorded in all 50 states over the course of eight years and features a staggeringly diverse roster of 75 special guests, including members of The Band, Los Lobos, The Jayhawks, Wilco, Television, Nine Inch Nails, Bare Naked Ladies, Guster, Goo Goo Dolls, The Wallflowers, Counting Crows, Sparklehorse, Gwar, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Matchbox Twenty, The Meat Puppets, Soul Asylum, Cracker, Superdrag, Whiskeytown, Morphine, Moxy Fruvous, Belle and Sebastian, 10,000 Maniacs, The Minus 5, Freedy Johnston, Letters To Cleo and Soul Coughing. 

Brown is also the founder of Temperamental Recordings, a recording studio, and label based out of a former Methodist church built-in 1828.  In 2011 the impressive space and collection was featured on The History Channel show American Pickers, with Brown appearing as an expert and appraiser of musical instruments and vintage recording equipment. 

In 2014 Brown released a CD with a childhood friend Zac DeCamp titled Automatic Music Can Be Fun and, with the help of Brian Grunert from White Bicycle Design Firm, was nominated for a GRAMMY in the Best Recording Package category against Jay-Z, David Bowie, Metallica, and Reckless Kelly. 

The Buddhahood

The Buddhahood

Since 1996, The Buddhahood has been driving their World-Ternative Groove train in and out of Rochester, NY, whipping crowds of beloved fans into a frenzy, blurring the line between stage and dance floor and transcending audiences with their explosive and soulful shows. This is an incarnation, on the scene, whose musical energy comes from power and spirit, and with songs about perspective, picking oneself up and having crazy amounts of fun.

Making up this highly creative and entertaining ensemble are seven members, with a wide spectrum of character and musical background. Know for their multi-instrumental, powerhouse sets, The Buddhahood represents with a variety of vocal styles, percussion, guitar, horns, bass and keys in shades of Roots, Rock, Reggae, Ska, Funk and Afro-beat in a flavor they call “Worldternative” as each song forces you to stay on the dance floor.
Buddhahood recordings span almost two decades and are available directly from the band or on

See you at the show, because a wise man once said,
“Listen and you’ll hear everything.”

Into The Now

Into The Now

ITN has been playing for 26 years and is around for the duration. 

The founders, Chris Bensley and Tom Mahoney have been working together for 36 years.  Playing the material in their own way not interested in trying to sound like the Grateful Dead. Bringing a lot of energy with an upbeat tempo. 

Diggin’ Roots Band

Diggin Roots Band

Hailing from the Buffalo/Western New York area, Diggin’ Roots Band was formed in the summer of 2013 by a group of friends who share a passion for the roots of American music. The band draws from a variety of musical influences such as blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass and folk music with a hint of “Jam Band” mixed in for good measure.

 Music is something most everyone has in common. It’s a way we can connect to one another and music is unifying and familiar. The sound of music can be therapeutic as well as healing while brightening a person’s day and enhancing their mood. The band shares a common belief that music is medicine and has the power to inspire and heal.

Personal Blend

Personal Blend

Personal Blend is a 7- piece reggae/ rock group out of Rochester, NY. Coming off their full-length debut album ‘Skin Deep’ in August of 2016, ‘Ride EP’ released in December of 2017, and more recently ‘Heavy Currents’ in April of 2019;  the band has been making waves throughout Upstate NY playing both festivals and venues alike and continuing to push forward. They bring a feel-good, party-vibe that’s including of all people and age groups and the band always leaves you wanting more. Personal Blend hopes to share their message of love and unity so be on the lookout for PB in a city near you.

Roots Collider

RootsCollider implements an electronica producer’s approach to writing original music by layering melodies, rhythms, and samples in the same fashion that a DJ does while composing. This methodology is a self-aware effort to super-collide multiple genres of dance music into a single unstoppable aesthetic force.

RootsCollider has shared the stage with these national touring acts:
Dub Trio, Conspirator (3x), DrFameus, Brothers Past, BioDiesel, Muscle Tough, The Werks, LouLou Ghelichkhani (of Thievery Corporation), RubbleBucket, Aqueous, Broccoli Samurai, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Sophistafunk

RootsCollider has shared the stage with these national touring DJ’s:
Kill the Noise, DJ Logic, Girl Talk, Diesel Boy, 12th Planet

Copper & Gin

Copper and Gin

Born out of roots music, classic rock, alt-country, and the blues, Copper & Gin is hard to categorize. The Buffalo, NY based band is ever-evolving. After launching their debut album in 2018 they were promptly featured in the Sportsmans AmericanFest and finalists in the WYRK 106.5 Country Riser competition. Other recent career highlights include opening for The Strictly Hip and winning the 2019 Buffalo Night-Life award for “Best Original Band.” The band has always striven for authenticity and honesty in their lyrics and sound.

Lead vocalist Dejon Hamann is backed by guitarist Zach Siegel, bassist Charlie Wesley, drummer Rick Poy, and vocalists Tory Arena and Melody Catalano.

Head to the Roots

Head to the Roots

From high energy stomp to mellow campfire acoustic, Head to the Roots is a passionate music duo based out of Rochester, New York. Pulling at the roots of folk, blues, reggae, rockabilly, and jam music, the fabric of Head to the Roots songwriting is both thought-provoking and playful, woven with the themes of life exploration, travel, and love, with undertones of spirituality and human coalescence.

Stan & Amanda Lynn Barton

Stan and Amanda Lynn Barton

Stanley Barton (fiddle/mandolin) started playing mandolin at square dances, age 12, at Chandler’s valley Grange hall. After military service, he began playing bluegrass music with the Allegheny Mountain Boys. Many years passed playing mandolin and fiddle on the country bluegrass circuit, he was married in 1981 and as the family grew they formed a family bluegrass band called the Blue Grasshoppers with wife two daughters and father-in-law. The eldest daughter, Amanda Lynn, (guitar/fiddle) started playing violin at age 4 growing up in bluegrass and gospel music with the family bluegrass band. After the kids grew into their own musical projects, he started studying gypsy jazz on the violin and attended workshops and camps in New Hampshire in Reno Nevada where he also played in a gypsy jazz quartet. While Stanley was in Nevada, Amanda Lynn toured with Big Leg Emma and 10000 Maniacs but always played together here and there throughout all the years. Now joined together as a father-daughter duet, they’ve been playing more steady than ever doing Stanley’s old original tunes and combining their roots in bluegrass with their gained knowledge in the interim. Rhythmic grass feel, smart covers, lilting beautiful harmonies, and original songs never been played before, the duo is excited to show what they’ve been working on! 

Ritey O’Reilly

More info coming soon!

Deep Fried and Dipped in Honey

Deep Fried and Dipped in Honey

Deep Fried and Dipped in Honey is a three-piece old-time inspired string band playing all the hits from the 17, 18, 19 hundreds and today!!! Hailing from the rolling hills of Western NY this band is sure to bring all the shenanigans to the hootenanny!!!

Randy Lee

Randy Lee

Sprung from the rolling hills of Western New York, Randy Lee takes cues from the old-time folk and blues players of yesteryear, thrown in with a style all his own. His mix of blues and roots music howls with a sense of down-home passion and back porch soul.

A move to St. Louis, MO when he was 18 opened his eyes, heart, and mind to a whole new world of music. He was a founding member of the STL punk band ‘The Pubes’. After graduating high school in 2001, Randy set out on the road with the clothes on his back and his guitar on his shoulder.

He learned from a hobo under a bridge in Olympia, WA, that Robert Johnson was the first true punk rocker. From that point on, Randy set his mind on digging up and bringing forth all of the old buried obscure folk, blues and Americana he could find.

Elizabeth Lutgen

Elizabeth Lutgen

Elizabeth Lutgen is a 16-year-old violinist. Unlike most violinists, she plays a combination of music such as rock, pop, and country. Elizabeth won the local talent competition Chautauquas Got Talent in 2017. Elizabeth loves to perform and does it often.

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